Sunday, January 6, 2008

Drain the tub!

I've had a bit of a backache this week. Nothing disabling, just a constant nagging. After teaching the 4&5 year-olds in Sunday School, then crawling around the floor in the nursery during church, it was crying for a little more attention. I've been dreaming of a good soak in a hot tub all day. So, after J took his bath and went to bed, I planned on doing the same.

Our water heater doesn't seem to have a very large tank, so I was concerned about having enough hot water for myself so soon after J's bath. Soaking in tepid water didn't sound that appealing. I'm not quite sure where my brain short-circuited, but I had decided I'd just leave his water in there and warm it up a little more when my time to soak arrived.

That was, until he got out and I told him to go potty before he got in his PJ's.

"But I don't have to go."
"Why don't you at least try."
"Mommy, sometimes I just go pee pee in the tub."

Yup, my hand was opening the drain before he finished the sentence. Not exactly the sort of warm liquid I was looking for.


Ro said...


Anita said...

Makes you thankful for the brutal honesty of kids at times!!!!!!!

Lori said...

LOL, Oh my!

I bet that is why, when my boys were small they didn't want to have to take a bath in their brothers bath water.