Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Purse

I happened to notice a wet spot on the carpet beneath my desk today. Not such a big deal, until I realized the wet was coming from my purse. The cap from my bottled water was no longer doing it's job. I had been thinking recently that it was about time I cleaned that purse out, but this was not quite the way I'd planned. As I emptied the contents onto my desk, I was struck by what a "Mom purse" I have. About 80% of what I have in there is for the care or entertainment of my children:

1 pacifier
2 pens
1 barrette
10 crayons (several with the tips bitten off)
1 sleeve of saltine crackers (which work well for absorbing excess liquid, I discovered)
Several feminine products (also helpful in this situation)
8 stray raisins
1 iPod shuffle with soggy ear buds
1 juice box
1 Wallet (which houses photos of my children, insurance cards for my children, credit cards and cash with which to purchase things for my children)

Until a few years ago, I rarely carried a purse. Now I remember why. I didn't have much of anything to carry before I had kids.

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Ro said...

Take heart, Suzanne! As the kids get older, you will carry less of their stuff! However,the stuff you do carry will change. Lip gloss for your daughter (why can't she put it in her own purse???), and matchbox cars and rocks for your son (those a GREAT for tearing the linings out of purses as well as pockets!)>