Saturday, May 19, 2007

The only problem with our first floor laundry room is that our first floor looks like this on laundry day. And unfortunately, laundry day often lasts more than one day around here.
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Friday, May 18, 2007

This week

My blog has been a little slow lately because the rest of my life has not. I figure I'd better take a little time out to post anyway, or the few of you out there who read this will tire of me and go away. So here's a little of what's been happening around our household lately, in no particular order:

H's been going through a difficult sleep phase. She had been doing really well for quite a stretch (at least a couple weeks) where she was only getting up once a night. It seems, however, like it only takes a little to knock her off kilter - and it takes forever for her to recover. Last weekend she had 2 days in a row where she only got one nap instead of her usual two. That was followed by her coming down with a little cold. That all led to her sleeping terribly the rest of the week - we've been up multiple times each night. Ugh!

The kids had their first ever non-family-member babysitter at bedtime last Saturday. They survived it. So did I. So did the sitter. Perhaps B and I will start going out in the evening occasionally, now that we've proved it's possible.

We've been meaning to plant a tree in honor of H's birth for some time now. (She's only a year old - we're not that late). Today I finally went to the nursery to pick one out (Using a gift certificate that's 2 years old - you can tell I'm really on top of things). I thought something small and flowery would be appropriate for our little girl. The lady at the nursery talked me into a crabapple tree. It is really pretty. Normally, I'd hate to admit I'm planting a crabapple tree in honor of my daughter, but after the way she's been acting this week, I don't feel guilty about it at all.

Work has been very busy. I'm going into my seventh week straight where I've had patients in the hospital every day. (Not the same patients, fortunately). Usually there are some days where I've managed to get everyone home, but not lately. I got called in to see one of my fresh post-op patients tonight. Apparently she was cursing, throwing things at the nurses, and saying she was going to leave. (She just had major abdominal surgery this morning. Leaving would not be a good idea.) She had my full sympathy, because I've had days where I felt the same way. And lets see: I have 2 children, she has 4. I have a supportive hubby, she's single. She had major surgery today, I did not. She had gone all day without her Xanax and Paxil. Honey, I won't judge you. Just try not to actually hit the nurses, or they're not likely to respond very quickly next time you turn on your call light.

J's been having some issues with "brotherly love." He's just really, really not into having a sister lately. Today, about 40 minutes into her nap - did I mention how poorly she's been sleeping this week - he started crashing his legos loudly and said, "I didn't wake up H, did I?" Not with concern in his voice, but more of, "'cause if I didn't I'll try harder next time." Moments later, he decided to go the direct route. He walked down the hall, opened her door, flipped on the light, and walked back out. Of course she woke up. Quite unhappily. And we all paid for his sin the rest of the day.

So that's some of what's been going on around our house lately. Hopefully you've got it a little more together in yours!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I Wonder Why

I wonder why the lushest, greenest grass around our house grows in the flower beds (where we're constantly trying to get rid of it), not in the lawn (where we plant grass seed and fertilize).

If they can make baby shampoo "no more tears" why don't they just make all shampoo that way? I mean, do grownups really want tears if they get shampoo in their eyes?

I wonder why the poorer the neighborhood is, the higher the concentration of billboards advertising hard liquor. I think folks living in poverty have enough problems, without being targeted for marketing addictive substances. But that's just me.

I wonder why the most attractive toy to my son is always whatever toy is in his sister's hand.

I wonder why going out in public looking like a complete slob increases the liklihood that you'll run into someone you know.

I wonder why my computer sometimes seems to be too busy working on it's own thing to do what I'm asking it to do. "What are you doing in there? Pay attention to me!!"

I wonder if it's normal to talk to your computer.

I wonder why some people view their baby's cries as an attempt to manipulate them. Weren't they designed with that as pretty much their only option for communicating their needs? How would a baby politely wake you up to tell you he's wet, hungry and lonely?

I wonder why my kids sleep late on days I have to be up early, and rise before dawn on days I have no place to be.

Do you know?

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

School Teachers

I was a student of one kind or another for 26 years. May 7-11 is Teacher Appreciation Week. In honor of the occasion, I'd like to mention a few of the many teachers who've positively influenced my life:

1. Miss Gerard - The best 6th grade teacher ever! I can't honestly remember a lot of what I learned that year, but I do remember that she was always cheerful, enthusiastic, and really enjoyed being around us.
2. Mrs. Mungons - My Jr. High English teacher. I can still sing all of the subordinating conjunctions to the tune of "Deck the Halls". (Really useful, I know!)She was such a creative teacher, and a great role model as a woman. I understand she now has 9 children of her own - What a woman!
3. Miss Guthrie - I had her for Advanced Biology and Chemistry in high school. She was a major factor in my decision to go into medicine. She made science fun! We did such interesting experiments - like making "Ghostbuster ectoplasm" and making bronze-coated pennies.
4. Mrs. Compton - High School English. She was tough, but I learned a lot from her. (Don't judge her by my grammar and punctuation here!) She was also good for some memorable quotes in her Texas drawl: like, "There's a foul odor coming from our radiator," and "Be-uh-wulf." "I'm soh..." (Guess you had to be there.)
5. Mrs. Albright - My piano teacher/therapist. I spent at least 30 minutes a week with her for over 10 years. Those were some good times.
6. Dr. Coss - I had him for several college science classes. He's one of the most amazing science teachers ever. I mean, how many people could make invertebrate zoology stimulating to someone who despises most invertebrates? He was interesting and challenging and fair. Plus, his granting 1/4 points for partially correct answers on his multiple answer multiple choice questions fit nicely with my compulsive personality.
7. Dr. Barrett - I took every one of his Bible classes that I could once I discovered him. Even if it wasn't a subject I would normally been drawn to, I knew I'd get a lot out of it with him teaching.
8. Dr. Apelgren - He had a tremendous impact on my decision to become a surgeon. He really believed in me as a medical student. He has a ridiculous sense of fashion, however. I've never seen uglier ties. And I've never seen another professional wear fishing hats to work. Oh, well.
9. Dr. Hoshal - Nobody knows anatomy better!
10. Dr. Wolk - What he lacked in personality and patience, he made up for in teaching great surgical technique. (Well, almost made up for)
11. Dr. Pomerantz - There's no surgical disaster too great for him to get a patient through smoothly. When I'm faced with a mess, I always ask, "What would Richard Pomerantz do?"
12. Dr. Dreisbach - He led a medical mission trip to Armenia I was part of during college. I've never met a more compassionate, hard-working, faithful man. He was around 80 years old when he led that trip, and he could still outwork most of us. He would see 70-80 patients a day. I never saw him lose his patience or rush someone through.
13. Dr. Minnick - My pastor for several years during college. He's an unbelievably good Bible teacher. Few people can make a 60 minute sermon seem so short!

God bless you all, wherever you are!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Happy Spring

Here's one of my favorite diversions. Go, try it out. Maybe you'll be addicted too. Or at the least, you'll get to see a really sweet picture of my children with their Papa.
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