Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Kids Write the Darndest Things

DeeDee had a post this week about her daughter's thank you note. In a note to her grandma, the little girl left out a key letter when saying thank you for the "shirt." Rather than correct the mistake, her mother went ahead and mailed it. Grandma fortunately has a sense of humor.

It reminded me of a tidbit from my childhood that my mother saved for me. Sometime in elementary school I had an assignment to start a recipe collection. I copied a recipe for Exotic Chocolate Cake in my best cursive penmanship. I forgot, however to cross the "x" so it looked instead like an "r." (I'm not spelling it out, because I don't want those types of hits from any Google Searches!) My mom saved that recipe card and gave it to me at my bridal shower.

I'll have to get around to making it one of these days. Maybe I'll try that instead of making phone calls next Valentine's day.

The worst writing mishap, however, happened to a nurse I work with when she was a child. She's the only person I've ever heard of being kicked out of the Girl Scouts. Shortly after she joined the scouts there was a horrible explosion at a factory in their town. Her Girl Scout troop decided to write get well cards to the people who had been injured. She was assigned to write to a man who had been burned over a significant part of his body. She intended to sign the note "Your Friend." Instead, she misspelled your - a common enough error - and left out a letter from friend. It read, "You're Fried."

Serious Oops!

Her troop leader did not have a sense of humor and her scouting career ended abruptly.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Google Searches

I find it amusing to look through my sitemeter stats to see how people came to my blog. Particularly the ones who stumbled on me by way of a Google search. For instance, I never would have guessed that my blog is the fifth result on a search for "Pancake Art" or "Back in Diapers." Mine was the entry right below the one about putting your bedwetting teen back in diapers. Shudder! Just when I was sure we had one down. . .

I'm the first Related Blog result if you do a blog search for "Keeping Up With the Joneses." I actually find that amazing, since there are about a million people with that name for their blog. I guess lots of us Joneses are not that original.

I rank #7 on a search for "My+blog+exposed+church." Makes me curious to know what that person was actually looking for.

I've also gotten lots of traffic from people looking for pictures of the Magnum at Cedar Point. Curious, because I don't have the picture in the post, I only linked to it.

What really amazes me, though, is the fact that someone came to my site by way of a Google search for "Harvest Bible Chapel." I'm about 590th on that search result. Who in the world has the patience to make it to the 590th result?! Apparently someone in Jacksonville, FL does. I occasionally have made it to the third or fourth page, but this guy was still going strong on page 59!

Even more impressive was the time someone from Germany came via a search for "pull up." I'm well into the thousands on that search. I say, if you haven't found what you're looking for well before that point, perhaps you should refine your search.

Not that I mind the traffic.