Sunday, November 16, 2008


A few minutes of peace and quiet from your child is not always a good thing!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Politics for Preschoolers

Ok, it's been almost a week since the big quadrennial voting event. I've been intentionally avoiding any newscasts or news papers for weeks, because I got to the point where I would become physically ill when I heard words such as "election" "Obama," or "McCain." Two years is far too long for any campaign to last, in my opinion. I'm hoping that Congress will finally make themselves useful and pass a law forbidding such things in the future. (I'm not holding my breath, however.)

In tribute to the big event I've decided to share a couple of J's thoughts on politics:

Last year, B told J they were going to go vote. J was surprisingly excited about the idea. When they arrived at the polling place, J looked around, disappointed, and asked, "Daddy, where's the boat?"

On Tuesday, I explained to J that it was a big day for our country. We were choosing a new president. "But what about Mr. Bush?" he asked. (This is a child who is strongly opposed to change of any kind in the world.)

"Well, Mr. Bush has served his 2 terms," I explained, "and now we have to pick someone new."

"But I don't want someone new to be president," he whined. "I want Mr. Bush to be the president forever!"

I didn't bother to tell him how lonely he is in that opinion!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Brilliant Ideas

J is full of good ideas lately. I'm not sure where he comes up with them, but I like the way he thinks.

We did Halloween this year for the first time. I bought the kids pumpkin buckets to use for their treats. I explained to them what we were going to do with them. J suggested that instead of going out, we could hang the buckets on our front door and people could come and put money in them. Let's see, given the option between a holiday where you:
A. Go to other people's houses and ask them for candy, or
B. Stay home and let other people bring you money,
I've got to say, I'll take B!

Today while we were driving around, J asked me if he was the firstborn in our family. I told him he was. He then said H was the lastborn. I told him that she was the second born, but might not necessarily be the lastborn if God gives us another baby some day. That thoughtful boy then suggested that if we have another baby, Daddy should have it in his tummy this time. That way the bad veins which showed up in Mommy's legs while H was in my tummy won't get any worse. That was the best idea I've heard in a long time! It's about time the men in the family got their share of the saggy, bulging body parts too!