Monday, October 22, 2007

Potty Week

Well, it's here: the week we're officially tackling potty training for our firstborn. I'll keep you informed of how things are going.

We started ramping up to it slowly over the weekend. J was the ring bearer in his uncle's wedding Saturday. I assured him that a pull up would look much better than a diaper under his suit, but that it doesn't really hold much peepee, so he shouldn't actually go in it. He managed to keep that pull up dry for over 5 hours! I'm sure he could have gone longer, but the pull up got shredded by the velcro I put in his pants to keep his shirt tucked in and we had to discard it. Hmm, things they don't tell you in the parenting books.

We went to the home of one of the bridesmaids for pictures before the ceremony. When it was time to leave, I couldn't find the boy. "He's in the bathroom," someone informed me. I had a moment of panic as I prepared to open the door. I had visions of the pumpkin soap being all over the counter, or the fancy little personal hand towels all being wadded up in the trash. But when I opened the door, there was my little guy with his pants and pull up down, peeing a stream into the potty. Never has a mother's heart been so proud!

"This is going to be easy!", I thought.


Sunday we went back to diapers in the morning because Sunday mornings are hectic, and we just didn't have time to take potty breaks. I figured we'd start full steam when we got home. Before his nap, J went to the potty and then I told him I was putting him in a pull up for his nap. Major battle ensued. J won. Back to diapers.

We're part way through day 1 and so far things are going well. He's wearing his brand new firedog undies and has made it through the morning and a nap without an accident. (No doubt, the bed is being wet as I type this.) Many m&m's have been doled out, and all of us are happy.

5 more days till the potty party!

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