Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I Wonder Why

I wonder why the lushest, greenest grass around our house grows in the flower beds (where we're constantly trying to get rid of it), not in the lawn (where we plant grass seed and fertilize).

If they can make baby shampoo "no more tears" why don't they just make all shampoo that way? I mean, do grownups really want tears if they get shampoo in their eyes?

I wonder why the poorer the neighborhood is, the higher the concentration of billboards advertising hard liquor. I think folks living in poverty have enough problems, without being targeted for marketing addictive substances. But that's just me.

I wonder why the most attractive toy to my son is always whatever toy is in his sister's hand.

I wonder why going out in public looking like a complete slob increases the liklihood that you'll run into someone you know.

I wonder why my computer sometimes seems to be too busy working on it's own thing to do what I'm asking it to do. "What are you doing in there? Pay attention to me!!"

I wonder if it's normal to talk to your computer.

I wonder why some people view their baby's cries as an attempt to manipulate them. Weren't they designed with that as pretty much their only option for communicating their needs? How would a baby politely wake you up to tell you he's wet, hungry and lonely?

I wonder why my kids sleep late on days I have to be up early, and rise before dawn on days I have no place to be.

Do you know?

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Lacy said...

if I find any out, I'll let you know. ;)