Thursday, July 8, 2010

Random cuteness

H told us that her favorite part of getting her hair washed is at the end when I put the "air conditioning" in.

On the long drive back from Grandma's this evening, I let the kids watch a DVD, "Elmo visits the Doctor." I could hear it, but couldn't see what was on the screen. At one point I asked H if the doctor was a real person or a puppet. She answered, "It's a puppet, Mommy. They're all puppets except Big Bird - he's a real person."

While I was putting baby D to bed this evening, H took a tumble and started wailing. D could hear the drama from where we were in his room. He sat up in my arms, pointed at the door, and said "Uh-Oh! Sister" (or something that sounded a lot like sister, anyway.) I went out to investigate and try to console her. As I was giving her a hug, D snuggled up to her and patted her on the back. So sweet to see a 13 month old comforting his big sister!

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