Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Yesterday was the big day when we found out what Baby #3 is. We made it a family affair with Grandma, Papa, and the kids all coming along to share the experience. It was almost like being at a theater with everyone watching on the big screen.

H was less than impressed, I'm sorry to say. We had explained to her that we were going to see the baby. J is experienced enough to understand what "seeing the baby" on ultrasound meant. I obviously hadn't prepared H adequately, however. When it was all done and we were ready to leave, she started crying, "But I want to see the baby! I didn't get to see the baby!" She wasn't at all convinced that that was what we had just done. She was pretty amused by the "jelly" they'd put on Mommy's tummy, though. She talked about that for much of the rest of the night.

I've heard many women just have a "sense" about what their baby's sex is. My sense is apparently 180 degrees out of whack. I'm now 0-3 for predicting this. They say this one is a boy.

J had initially wanted a brother. He was pretty disappointed the first time around when H turned out to be a girl. He had a melt down one day, crying, "Why did God give her to me! I don't want her! Take her back!"

He had a change of heart about this one recently when a couple of things started sinking in. The first is that we don't have enough bedrooms for baby to have one of his or her own. When he realized a brother probably meant sharing his room, he was pretty eager for Papa to start working on adding on an addition to the house.

J also has issues with getting rid of anything. (God help his future wife! He's quite the packrat.) I normally have to sneak things out of his room when he's not around if I need to get rid of them. I made the mistake recently of letting him come in the room while I was putting away some of his outgrown clothes. When he saw an old pair of his favorite PJ's, he pleaded to have them back out. I explained that they were much too small and would tear if he kept wearing them. Then if we had a baby boy, he wouldn't be able to wear them one day. From then on, it was settled. J wanted baby to be a girl so he could wear his "Dig, Fix, Build Jammies" until they tore. H, of course wanted the baby to be a girl all along. They were both chanting, "Girl, girl, girl" all the way to the appointment. Despite that, they didn't seem to be too disappointed when we got the news it was a boy after all.

Baby Jones waving hello.

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