Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Is this the same kid?

Day 1

4 months

First Christmas

This Christmas

J has pretty much looked like just a little bigger version of himself as he's grown over the years. H, on the other hand, keeps looking like a totally different child to me. I see her old photos flash up on my screen saver and think, "Wow! Did she really used to look like that?"

She started out as a medium-sized dark haired newborn - progressed into a chubby, dark haired baby - and now is a slender, blonde toddler. The only things that have stayed constant are those beautiful blue eyes and her adorable dimple.


Jenny said...

She has always been adorable, and she keeps getting cuter and cuter. And I love those gorgeous eyes, too!

You're right, though. I saw some old pics of J the other day, and he looked the same, just littler. But H has changed more.

Hmm...that purple sweater looks kind of familiar.

Jenny said...

Might I add that she's growing up too quickly.

Lois said...

A beautiful little girl! So precious.