Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Sneak Peek

We had a little taste of Christmas early this week. J went to a birthday party for a friend from school last week. I left the wrapping paper lying around and J put it to good use wrapping "presents" for H. They had been sitting under the tree until Saturday when he could wait no longer to give them to her.

It was really a touching moment. He started by reading the card he'd made for her. It read, "Thank you, baby sister for being so kind to Mii." (There was some other creative spelling as well, but my favorite was "Mii." He's clearly a 21st century kid!)

She unwrapped the small package first and found he had given her his "Cars" book. She then opened the larger one and I was surprised to see his Buzz Lightyear rocket and Spiderman toy. Those are some of his prized possessions, after all.

I'm not sure he really intended them to be hers forever, but, like I said, it was a touching moment.(Except, perhaps, for the parts where she says "My Buzz ship" and they "hug" without actually touching each other.)

Head over to FB if you'd like to see the video.

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