Monday, August 25, 2008

Disney's PhotoPass - The Conclusion

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The next day we traveled home. Papa picked us up at the airport when we arrived. J was so excited to tell him about all the wonderful things we'd done. I was listening as I helped load the luggage in the car. "We rode Dumbo and Peter Pan and there were Pirates and flying carpets and we got a balloon. . ."

And then I overheard him say, "And we got a little card with Mickey's picture on it!"

I turned to look and, sure enough, there was the PhotoPass card in J's hand!

"Where did you get that?!" I demanded.

"It was in the white car," he answered. (The rental car we'd had in Florida was white.)

"Where in the white car?" I demanded again.

"It was just lying there on the seat!"

"When did you find it?"

"It was just lying there in the white car!"

Interrogating a 4 year old isn't easy. We went over and over trying to figure out exactly when and where he'd found the thing until he finally exclaimed, exasperated, "For the last time, I'm telling you, it was just there in the white car!!"

We're not exactly sure when or where he picked it up. We're guessing he probably found it when B took the car seats out at the airport in FL. It must have slipped under one of them. I had tried to reach under them during our search, but never actually took them out to look. Live and learn!

So B's big adventure was for naught, but when the pictures are that cute, two PhotoPasses are better than none!


Anita said...

Disney memories are the best. We went back in 2000. Maddie was only 3 then. We stopped for ice cream, and I specifically asked for an "Itsakadoozie" popcicle. For some reason, dear husband brings me an ice cream sandwich, although he got Maddie an Itsakadoozie. We have a picture of her licking it....and after about two licks...she threw it in the trash can!!!!!!!! Good thing we don't have a picture of me after that!

Lori said...

Ohhhh, SJ, how amazing. I'm sure you were shocked to see that card in his hand.

I'm glad everything worked out and B was able to get the pictures for you.