Thursday, August 21, 2008

Disney's PhotoPass - Part 1

The folks at Walt Disney World are always looking for ways to keep more of your money when you visit. Apparently the two weeks' salary it costs just to get your family through the gate isn't enough. One such way they've come up with is the Disney PhotoPass. It's a service where they have photographers stationed all throughout the parks. They'll take your family's pictures in front of Cinderella's castle, the Epcot ball, with the characters, or any other photograph-worthy spot. You get a card that they scan each time they take your picture. You can then go online and view, edit, and of course purchase your photos.

My brother, who is an expert Disney vacationer, had warned me, "Write down the number from your card. That way, if you loose the card, you can still find your pictures on line." I listened to him. I wrote it down in my notes. I thought about it a couple of times throughout the week we were there. But did I do it? Of course not.

Why would I want to be responsible and thereby miss an opportunity for a blog post?!

We met a bunch of the Disney characters during our time there. H was not real keen on the whole thing. They are, afterall, about 3 times her size. The first day, we met Donald Duck, Pluto, and Goofy. I'd read that you should get autograph books for the kids to take when they meet the characters. It gives the child something to do so it's not so awkward walking up to them. We did that. H took hers and kind of tossed it at Donald then backed up as quickly as she could. Most of the time, she wouldn't go near them unless I was holding her. And unless I was between her and the character. Therefore, I'm in a lot of pictures with H and Disney characters. Woo Hoo!

To Be Continued. . .

"Okay, Donald, you stay over there and I'll stay over here. Just pass me back the book without coming any closer."

That blur on the left side of the picture is H running away.

"Yeah, Quincy! We love Quincy! Just not enough to actually get next to him."

"You must be joking if you think I'm getting near that big furry beast!"


Jenny said...

Is the gorilla from Jungle Book or what? The last Disney movie before I grew out of it was Lion King, so I really don't know the characters from anything since then.

SJ said...

I think I heard someone say he was Tarzan's sidekick, although I can't say I know for sure.

Lori said...

I sure enjoyed seeing you in these pictures with J and H.

I loved your big smile in that last pictures. : )