Saturday, March 1, 2008

Play it Again!

H loves music. She loves to sing it, and she loves to listen to it. She has a favorite CD that she begs for each and every time we're in the car. She calls it "Bible Songs" or "Li'l come" (for Let the Little Children Come, one of the songs on the CD.)

A few weeks ago we were driving around town listening to the CD. When we arrived home and B turned off the car, she had a Royal Meltdown! Kicking, screaming, the works as B was getting her out of her car seat. She was very upset that the music had stopped. "Back on, back on!" she kept shouting.

The song she was angry about having been interrupted? "Children Obey Your Parents in the Lord."

She knows the words, but perhaps the message is a bit lost on her!


Lori said...

Perhaps she will be talented like her Mama!

SJ said...

She certainly seems to have inherited my strong will. Hopefully she has some of my finer points as well.

Ro said...

A great definition of IRONY!!!

Lori said...

I meant your piano playing. LOL!!