Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I'm sure if I looked back through my archives I'd confirm that the majority of my posts are about funny things that my dear boy J has said. I'd like to be more balanced, but H's talking doesn't really lend itself well to blogging yet. Sure, I think it's adorable when she points at my face and says, "Eyes!" but you really have to hear her say it to appreciate it.

J, on the other hand, makes me laugh repeatedly almost every day with the things that come out of his mouth. Tonight while we were together the States puzzle was no exception. My favorite was when he was naming some of the states he knows. He pointed to the eastern seaboard and said, "That's MyCheezits." After a brief moment of "Huh?!" from me, I said, "Oh, Massachusetts!"

This particular puzzle has little pictures representative of the state on each piece. He picked one up, studied it closely, then asked, "Why do they grow mashed potatoes in North Carolina?" I think that's actually cotton, honey.

He had some pretty creative interpretations of what the shapes of the states reminded him of. Louisiana looks like a train. Idaho looks like smoke rising up from a chair. North Carolina looks like a rocket. And I won't repeat what he thought Texas looked like. Suffice it to say it's the sort of thing that's on the mind of a little boy who's mother frequently reminds him of how much she'd like to see him potty trained.

Two more weeks and we tackle that one seriously.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget this morning when "H" looked out the front window at the road construction workers and blurted out "Bob!"

Lois Ragsdale said...

J's "McCheesits" reminds me of one day when Madison (Andy's daughter) announced to us while she was playing that she was a "girl boggy gigger!" Try as we might we could not make out what she was trying to wasn't until Amy came home from work that night and interpreted for us that she was a
"girl Bob the Builder!" Aren't kids just precious!

Lacy H. said...


Bob? The builders?

Hee hee...

I've never been to MyCheezits. ;)

Anita said...

Too funny, Suzanne! I'm glad you share J's funny stories. At least you have them in writing here on the Internet. I remember a few memorable things my kids' said. Like Tyler saying, "Mom I was playing tic-tac-toe against myself, and I WON!!!!" He was so proud of himself! And then Maddie crying because she did not want me to put raindrops in her eyes. Those are the favorites. I thought I would remember everything they said...but I guess I'm getting old! :)

SJ said...

Yes, B, I did think of that and a couple other cute things she did yesterday after I posted.

Lois, how cute! I wish I could see their kids sometime. I'm sure they're half grown by now!

Lacy, Yes, all construction workers are referred to as "Bob" or "The Bobs" in our family. As in, "look, the Bobs are working on the road today."

Anita, you're right about how quickly you can forget the funny things they say and do!