Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Potty Week Part 2: Accidents Happen

Day 1: Things went exceptionally well. Diaper off, brand new undies on. Going to the potty regularly. Stayed dry through nap. Even went out on the town. No accidents.

Went to bed in a pullup. Got up by himself to go potty in the night. Oops, went in the pull-up when he woke up in the morning. Oh, well.

I'm wondering why we didn't try this sooner. Clearly, this is very easy.

It occurs to me that it's strange that he never had a poopoo. Usually he has 3-5 of those a day. He's done it on the potty in the past. Oh, well, didn't give it much thought.

Day 2: Off to another strong start. Back in the undies. Did well all morning. Oops, a little accident at nap time.

Had a little quiet time with some books on the potty hoping to encourage some bowel action. No action occurs. I make it a point to serve a very high fiber dinner. Starting to be a little more concerned about the #2 issue.

Night time was a little rough. Went through 3 pullups and 2 sets of sheets.

Day 3: Back in the undies. Puddle on the floor by 10am. At least it was on the bathroom floor.

Note to self: skinny jeans are not the appropriate attire for a potty training boy. After bath, he's in sweats. Much easier to manage.

He's starting to feel the pains of a half dozen or so missed bowel movements now. We have a little more quality time with stories on the potty. World's tiniest poopoo appears in potty chair. No relief.

By this time I'm feeling like a labor coach. "Relax your bottom, Squeeze your tummy! You can do it! I know it hurts, but it's got to come out. I'm so sorry!"

I have an internal struggle about whether to put him back in a diaper. Perhaps it would be more comfortable for him to do it there. I don't want to set back the potty training by returning to diapers, but also don't want to cause permanent psychological problems from the ongoing trauma of constipation. Finally, the diaper argument wins out in my mind. I put him back in the diaper along with a little "bottom medicine" (aka glycerine suppository). 25 minutes later, OH! MY! WORD! Those of you ladies out there who don't believe anyone of the male persuasion can truly understand what childbirth is like didn't see what my son managed to pass today!

"Mommy! My bottom stopped hurting!" Thank you, Jesus!

We have a little chat about how important it is to let that out before it gets owey next time. He goes #2 on the potty before bed! Much celebrating ensues.

So, it's been a bit of a roller coaster ride so far, but generally seems to be heading the right direction. Any words of wisdom from those of who who've gone before in this endeavor would be welcome!


julie said...

I say take the pants off. Less laundry to wash.

And you were right to put the diaper back on to encourage movement. Good job Mom! and Good job J!

Lacy H. said...

wow. I truly appreciate you chronicling these things. Mike and I will be far more prepared for our future babes because of your tales! Seriously!

SJ said...

Thanks, Julie. I needed a little affirmation this week!

Ro said...

I agree with Julie - pants off! And PATIENCE - it doesn't often happen overnight! J is very smart - but it's about muscle control as well as smarts!!!!! With S it was a piece of cake - J was another story altogether! Oh the stories i could tell!