Saturday, June 9, 2007

Year in Pictures

I have a digital camera, which means I have several thousand pictures on my computer. When I had only one child, I was pretty good at having them printed out regularly for J's scrap book. Now that I have two children, I'm a little less on top of this. This week I finally went through the last year's worth of photos and ordered prints. (I highly recommend Winkflash, by the way. Only $.12 per picture and $.99 shipping no matter how many you order. Which works well for those of us who order a whole lot at once. But I digress.) As I was reviewing the year in pictures, a few thoughts struck me:

1. I apparently take a lot of pictures of the kids in the tub. I think I had one bath picture in my baby book. These guys could have one a month!

2. My mom makes really incredible birthday cakes! Thanks, Mom!

3. J spends an awful lot of time in his PJ's. I'd say we shouldn't bother spending money to buy him clothes, but since most of what he wears is handed down, I guess there's not much room for savings there.

4. A good part of the time, the PJ's don't even match. Who dresses this kid?! (And what exactly is he doing to the cat?)

5. Oh my word! Am I ever WHITE! And I'm not referring to my race, I mean my actual skin color! Yikes! I really need to revisit finding a sunless tanner that works for me!

6. And the last thought that strikes me is I am really blessed. But then that thought strikes me every day.

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Lacy said...

loooovin' the photo montage. You are blessed!