Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Private Pain

The tragedy that occurred at Virginia Tech this week is overwhelming. It's hard to imagine the grief that one young man caused so many people. My heart breaks for all those who lost a child or a friend or a loved one. I know they're hurting terribly.

I can't help but also wonder about one who must be hurting as much as them all, but who hasn't received the outpouring of sympathy and support that the other victims and their families have received; One who also lost someone she loved, but no one else is grieving for: the mother of the shooter. He was a man whose actions were pure evil, unthinkable, inexcusable. But I doubt even they were enough to stop his mother's love. How sad to know that your child was so disturbed as to be capable of this crime. How sad to see his life ended like this. How sad to have the whole world talking about how awful a person your child was. Where does someone like that turn for support and comfort?

Mrs. Seung-Hui, may God give you the comfort and peace that only He can give. My heart goes out to you.


Barbara said...

Suzanne, this is so nice of you. Nobody knows the pain of a Mother who has a child to go bad, or, in this instance, turn a killer. Sure, she will always love him; she gave birth to him, and probably wonders what could have gone wrong with her son. So sad!

Lacy said...

Suzanne...I've thought the exact same things...she must be devastated and needs our prayers as well.