Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A well-timed blessing

Our littlest member of the Jones family is four months old already. I'm overwhelmed at what a blessing he's been in our lives in such a short time. The Lord knew back in August 2008 when he placed little D inside me that I would need some joy in my life come May of 2009. His timing was perfect.

My Dad died suddenly and unexpectedly just 9 days before D's due date, two weeks before he was born. I was very close to my Dad and was crushed by his loss. It hasn't been easy adjusting to him being gone, but having little D in our lives has certainly helped.

Sweet little D has been such a balm to my sore soul, and to my Mom's. As the Lord was knitting him together in my womb, He wove in extra measures of grace and happiness. He knew we'd need that in our lives right now. I've never seen a baby who smiles as much or as easily as D does. It's impossible not to smile back at him, however I'm feeling.

I'm sorry that my Dad never got to meet this grandson. I know he would have really enjoyed him. Papa loved all of his grandchildren dearly, and enjoyed them all immensely. But I think he and D could have had a special bond. The two of them are a lot a like. D is so much more mellow and even-tempered than his older siblings, much like his Papa. I'm hard pressed to think of a time in my Dad's life when he ever lost his cool. Certainly there were times when he was provoked, but he always kept himself under control. Little D's like that - he just rolls with the punches. (Sometimes fairly literally!)

I see other bits of my Dad in D's little personality already. Nothing pleased my Dad more than doing things for others - D seems to be the same way. I always feel a sense of pride when someone comes up to talk to him. I know that without fail, he's going to give them the brightest smile they've ever seen, and they'll go away with a smile on their face as well.

There's definitely a sadness in my heart over my loss. But there's a sweetness at the same time. Babies are often referred to as a "bundle of joy." Few live up to that label as well as this little guy. We love you, D!


Carol said...

Thanks for making me cry- and smile. You know I understand and am still praying for you.

SJ said...

Thanks, Carol, I do know you understand. I think of you and pray for you often as well.

Jenny said...

What a great post and what great pictures! Thanks for sharing this. D certainly is precious. On Sunday, one of the things I thought of was that I just wanted to cuddle with this little guy. Looking forward to doing that soon. Your kids bring me so much joy, too.

julie said...

Every time I see a picture of him I am reminded of your dad and God's grace. He looks so much like your dad! He even has that little twinkle in his eye that your dad always had.

Eric and Julie said...

He is such a happy little guy. I love how he smiles with his whole face!

Lois said...

Beautiful smile....precious baby! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pics.