Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Random thoughts about our day

Today was my first really light day since I've been back to work. I was able to be home by 10:00! We gave Grandma the day off - a much deserved day to herself.

I had hoped to be really productive around home, but felt paralyzed by the sheer volume of things that need to be done around here. I never seem to catch up. I did manage to accomplish a few things. I now have one seriously clean bathroom. And, well, another bathroom that I'd rather not talk about today. I got two loads of laundry nearly done (prompted by one explosive diaper and two muddy kids). Maybe I'll get around to putting them away tomorrow.

I let the kids watch an episode of Tom and Jerry this morning while I did some work in J's room. My work in his room always involves a big trash bag. I can't get away with that while he's around. I find it very gratifying to fill up the trash with clutter from our house, but the kids find it traumatic. I like to spare them the agony by doing it when they're not looking. They rarely ever miss anything I've pitched, and it makes it easier for them to find the things they actually use.

D wore a darling little teddy bear outfit today. He looked adorable in it. It also turns out that brown is a very practical color for him to wear, if you know what I mean. I wish I'd gotten a picture of him in it.

The kids and I went on an adventure in the woods behind our house. We have a great yard for kids: trees and water and mud and a playhouse. I remember having a little grove of trees in the backyard where we lived until just before my 5th birthday. It probably didn't look like much to the adults around, but my brother and I thought it was a great "jungle" to play in. I think my children will have happy memories of our back yard too.

We encountered a little wild life while we were out and about. J called out of the playhouse, "Hey, Mom, there's a mouse in here."

"A live one?" I inquired.

"Yes, come up here and see him."

"Uh, no thanks." I felt like quoting John 14:9 "Don't you know me? Even after I've been among you for such a long time?" Do I strike him as the sort of person who would intentionally go into a small enclosed space with a rodent? I don't think so. Thirty years ago, maybe, but not anymore.

Later we found a praying mantis in the flower bed. He was eating some sort of beetle. It was pretty educational and entertaining for all of us. Particularly since we recently watched, "Milo, the Mantis who Wouldn't Pray." Now H knows that they don't actually live in snack shacks and serve ice cream to other insects.

I finished the day up with a trip back to the hospital to see someone with a sick gallbladder. It was well-timed just after the kids were all tucked in for the night.

I'm going to go tuck myself in now and pray that D and my pager let me get some sleep. Good night!

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