Saturday, September 20, 2008

In Praise of Naps

J is learning to read and write. He's very much into writing words. He likes to copy words and sentences he sees written elsewhere. He also likes to ask us how to spell things so he can write them. Yesterday, he asked me how to write a song he'd heard.

J: "How do you spell that nappy take song."

Me: (Silent, confused look)

J: "You know, that nappy take song from church."

Me: (Even more confused look)

J (a little frustrated with his slow Mama): "You know, Oh nappy take, you washed my sins away!"

Me: (Finally realizing what he's talking about) Oh! That's Happy Day!

It did make me think, though, the day someone decides to lead us in a song praising nap-taking, I will be right there singing out with all my heart! And I suspect quite a few other Moms would be joining in as well!

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Maria said...

J will be excited this Sunday, we are going to be singing "O Nappy Day" at the 9AM service.