Saturday, August 30, 2008

This week at CVS

This was one of my most gratifying weeks for CVS shopping. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Here's a photo of the spoils:

4 boxes of Kelloggs Mini Wheats (I eat this for breakfast almost every day. BOGO sale, plus $1 off coupons for each one = $1.10 per box)
3 boxes of tampons (Free with coupons)
Kotex pads (They paid me $1 after coupons)
2L Sierra Mist (Free)
4 12 packs of Pepsi (This was the big expense item. It was $12 plus deposit. I paid with previously earned ECBs. By buying these, I got 4 of the SoBe waters and the 2L of Sierra Mist free, plus 3 more ECB. We rarely drink pop anymore, but it's nice to have something other than water and milk to offer when we have company.)
10 SoBe vitamin enriched water (We discovered this with a previous CVS deal and my kids are hooked! Four were free with the above mentioned deal. The other 6 cost a total of $3 but generated $4 of ECB.)
8 pack snack sized Skittles - not pictured (I needed a $1 filler so I could use my $2 off $10 coupon. It actually saved me money to get these. And it kept J and H happy for a while in the car.)

I spent about $13 out of pocket. $5 of that is deposit for the cans, so we'll get that money back once the pop is gone. That leaves about $8 spent. I'd consider that a pretty good deal just for the things we really needed (the cereal and feminine products). The other things were bonus. Plus I got $11 in Extra Care Bucks to spend next week!


julie said...

Great deals! We are also hooked on the life water. Larry bought about 30 bottles this week. They were not all free but at 10 cents each a great deal.

Lori said...

SJ, I can't believe all the items you were able to get for very little money. I am so bad with my CVS coupons. I forget to bring them with me or I misplace them.

Great discipleship!

I had all of my children watch the Brain injury video you posted. I jumped when the boy ran into the board. It could happen that quickly. My brother-in-law lives in a group home for head injures. He was in a car accident with my father-in-law back in 1978. He wasn't wearing his seat belt and the car they were driving in hit a Semi head on. It really does happen that fast.

I really was going to stop into your class room before SS this morning to ask if I could be a helper today but I forgot at the last minute. : )

Did you really show your 4 & 5 years olds how David might have danced? : )

SJ said...


Sorry to hear about your brother-in-law. It's tragic how that completely changes a person's life so quickly!

As for Sunday School, I definitely got the kids moving, but I'm not sure what I showed them was exactly how David might have danced. Except for the part about it embarrassing his spouse - that probably would have been authentic :) !