Saturday, August 16, 2008

It Snowed in August

Yesterday was a work day at the Jones house. I had the day off and stayed home with the kids. I was determined to get caught up on as much around the house as I could. In the morning, I grabbed all the dirty clothes hampers from the bedrooms and sorted as quickly as I could.

That would later prove to be a mistake.

I carried on with my other projects - tidying the garage, weeding, cleaning the bathrooms, painting with the kids, reading stories - and changed the loads of laundry as they finished. I was feeling pretty good about all we had accomplished.

About the time dinner was ready, the washer beeped to indicate it was done with the pajama load. I opened the door and was greeted with an avalanche. Ok, not quite an avalanche, but it definitely appeared to have snowed quite heavily inside our washing machine. I groaned (loudly) as I realized what I had done.

J wears a pull up to bed - just in case. He's supposed to put it in the trash when he gets dressed in the morning, but some days he forgets. In my haste to sort the laundry quickly, I managed to wash not one, but two of them in that load.

Do you have any idea what happens to a pull up when it's super-saturated with liquid? Well, let me tell you. It first swells to a monstrous size. Then it ruptures, releasing millions of tiny beads of white gel. All over the inside of the washing machine. And then those beads coat every last piece of clothing in the washer and proceed to spill all over the floor that I had vacuumed just hours earlier.

It was enough to make me yearn for the days of cloth diapers.


By the time I emptied the washer, shook out the clothes, swept the floor, and yes, vacuumed out the inside of my washing machine, dinner was a little cold.

But, hey, it made for an interesting status update on Facebook.


Lori said...

The facebook comment makes so much more sense now.

I already know how wonderful you are but I was really beginning to think you must really be Super Woman. In my head I had you tearing your washing machine apart and cleaning it. I feel alot better after reading this post. : )

It was nice seeing you today. I think we all had the same colors in mind when we got dressed this morning. I had to chuckle at all the blue today.

Ro said...

Been there. Nuff said!