Saturday, August 2, 2008

Comedy on the Road

We just got back from a fabulous family vacation to Orlando. It was our first vacation since H was born (not counting visits to family). We all had a great time. I'll probably write more about it sometime, but I had to get up a couple of classic H quotes while I'm thinking of them.

We rented a house for our stay. It was nice, but the houses in this neighborhood were very close together. The next door neighbors had a little terrier who apparently spends his entire life on the back patio. He barked constantly. Ok, maybe not constantly, but a lot! I referred to him as "that yappy dog." H thought I was saying his name, but not being familiar with the term "yappy" she started calling him "Happy Dog." It was hard to be so annoyed with him after seeing her standing at the fence saying, "Hello, Happy Dog!"

We had lunch around the pool on Thursday. There was a little plastic fish that the kids were playing with. H dipped it's nose in her PBJ, then held it up and exclaimed, "Look! It's a jelly fish!" Cracked me up!


Jenny said...

LOL! :) Glad you had a good trip. Are you going to post pictures--either here or on Facebook?

SJ said...

Just did - they're on FB.

Lori said...

To funny! I missed your last couple of post. My computer would let me open your blog for some reason. I'll have to head over to facebook and take a look.

Davida said...

Good words.