Sunday, May 25, 2008

Whatever it takes to get through the store

Warning: If you do not happen to be my son's parent or grandparent, and are therefore not naturally inclined to find everything he does cute, save your time and go do somthing else.

I, however, found these hilarious. J joined me on my weekly trip to Meijer yesterday. I shelled out a dollar to rent a video cart to help keep him amused. The space for groceries in those carts isn't quite as large as in a regular cart, so I put my purse next to him on the seat. He likes to check it out whenever he gets the chance to see if there are any gum or snacks inside. This time, he found my camera instead. He proceeded to document our entire shopping trip. I probably could have saved the buck for the cart if I'd known how entertaining the camera turned out to be.

Here are but a few of the 125 photos of Meijer I found the next time I downloaded my memory stick:

The video inside the video cart. There were about 30 different shots of this. I'll spare you the rest.
The view out the window of the cart
Frozen food aisle

Who even knew there were so many varieties of gummy snacks!

I'm sure this was in my honor (ha! ha!)
I never even noticed there was advertising on the floor tiles before.
A fellow shopper. "Nice pants."

This is where we played the game: "See if you can find a picture with broccoli in it. How about one with corn." I needed a little more time and he was getting antsy.

"Mom, can we get some of these?"

Skid marks on the floor

Hmm. I don't even remember going past this section. I hope that lady never finds my blog.

The fish - always a favorite stop when the kids are along.

Finally checking out!

The artist.


Anita said...

I am not J's parent or grandparent, but found this amusing just the same!!! hahaha Whatever it takes to keep them happy while shopping!!!

Jenny said...

So technologically proficient at such a young age! No surprise, given who his parents are. :)

SJ said...

I assure you, any technology genes came from Daddy!

Lori said...

Hee, Hee This is just want I needed this morning.

I think the pants and the Hot Mama food were my favorites. LOL

Ro said...

I've been sorely lacking J stories lately! Thanks for sharing:)

Heidi Stone said...

Hey! Just found your blog through MoneySavingMom. I'm a photographer and I have to tell you I absolutely LOVE these pictures! Seriously, they are a work of art! The angle of a child makes for perfect composition! And such simple things in life make such beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing!

SJ said...

Aw, shucks, Heidi. I'm so touched that you appreciated his work!