Thursday, March 20, 2008

Typing 101

B used to occasionally give me a hard time about how slowly I typed. I didn't think I was that slow, it was just that he was amazingly fast. He'd much rather type it himself than watch me do it.

I did take typing in high school. That was back in the day of typewriters and -gasp!- carbon paper. Do they even make that stuff anymore? I think the best I ever did there was 35 wpm. It earned me a nice solid B. Well, apparently I've come a long way, because lookey here:

70 words


I confess, my first attempt I got a whopping 16 words per minute. But honest, this was only my second attempt! I'm not going for a third because I suspect the average would be closer to the 16 than the 70. Apparently accuracy counts for something. Go see how you can do!

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