Sunday, January 27, 2008

Kiddie Wit

A couple of conversations that made me chuckle today. . .

At breakfast this morning:
J: Mommy, Grandma is a nurse. (Referring to my mother)
Me: Yes, she is.
J: And you're a doctor.
Me: Uh-huh
J: You two should really hang out together sometime!

On the way to church:
J: Mommy, when I left Pooh Bear in North Carolina and I was sad at night, you and Daddy didn't have to come, because I could just talk to God.
Me: Good. Some of the stuff we're trying to teach him is sinking in.
J continues: But now, if I'm sad at night, I don't have to talk to God or Mommy and Daddy. Max (stuffed monkey) and Pooh Bear just cheer me up.
Me: Groan, so he thinks God is someone you fall back on when your stuffed animals are unavailable to help.

During the review of our Sunday School lesson on Jacob and Esau this morning.
Me: Who remembers what Esau gave Jacob to get that bowl of stew?
Girl: His birthmark!


Ro said...

You really should post more of his conversations - I need that laugh DAILY!

Lori said...

LOL!! I bet you have as much laughter at your house as we have at ours.

This had me ROFL!

What a blessing you are,


SJ said...

Yeah, he's good for at least a couple laughs every day. It's good for me!