Saturday, December 8, 2007

Language skills

H is about 18 months old now. They say that by the time a child is 2 years old, she should be able to speak in two word sentences. H has been speaking in complete sentences for about a month now. Ok, that may be overstating it a little. She does, however have a collection of sentences that she uses appropriately. No doubt, in her mind they're one word, but it sounds impressive anyway.

Her first was "I don't know."
As in, "Where did you leave your blanket?"
H: "I don't know."
"What happened to your sippy cup?"
H: "I don't know."

Next it was, "I want it." It was really cute at first. It loses a little of its charm when she's shrieking it about something she can't have.

She also likes to say, "Go away!" Guess who she learned that from? It happens to be the same person she says it to: her big brother.

Recently she's added, "I like it." That one is always sweet-sounding. She most often uses it in regards to food.

Today she surprised us by modifying one of her usual sentences to the situation. She really wanted to get down from the table before the meal was over. I told her no, and she responded with, "I want to get down!" We were impressed with her language skills, if not her prompt obedience. We'll keep working on that.

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