Friday, September 7, 2007

Are you as smart as a . . .

I was chatting with J today. I must have made some particularly insightful observation, because J says, "Mommy, I think you're smart!" I'm suddenly feeling very good about myself and the fact that my son recognizes my intellectual capacities.

He follows quickly with, "Pat the Hammer is smart, too."

Great, I'm in the same mental league with a hammer. Not feeling so proud suddenly.

"Daddy is very smart."

Feeling a little better again.Ok, maybe that's just one really smart hammer.

"And Pumpkin and Snickers are smart."

These are the animals I regluarly refer to as "stupid cats." Not feeling so good about this conversation again.

"And also vacuums are very smart."

Self esteem hits rock-bottom.

So, to summarize, my son feels his parents are as smart as a hammer, the household cats, and a vacuum cleaner. And this is supposed to be the age where they believe their parents can do no wrong!

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