Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Look

A big "thank you" going out to Lacy for giving my blog a little class - just in the masthead, not the content. That still needs some work! I changed the colors to go along with the new header, but they probably still need some tweaking. It's hard because things tend to look much different on my monitor than they do on others. I think I have something looking good, then I have B pull it up on his computer and I cringe at how it really looks.

I never was much for color schemes anyway. I think that's why most of the walls we've ever painted in our houses have been a neutral color. Someone may come in and say, "that's really boring" but they probably won't come in and say, "that's really ugly."

So I'm open to suggestions. Does it look ok on your computer?


Lacy H. said...

Hey suzanne...we need to take off your little border on the header. It's in HTML it doesn't show up and interfere with your masthead. I like it though! It looks good. Why don't you copy/paste the html code, email it to me...and I'll remove the part of the code that causes the border to show up. Kay? :) Lookin' good!

SJ said...

Where exactly would I find the HTML code for the border?

Jenny said...

I love the new picture of the kids! Is she finally walking now?

julie@thedailycastle said...

When I first saw it my first response was Mauve. But I think it was the plum header making me think the whole page was mauve. Your verse is a different color blue than the other blues on the page. Not sure if that was on purpose or not.

I really like the header. Very Cool.

I change my header every week. It probably drives some people crazy.

SJ said...

Julie, You're right about the background. I've changed that about a dozen times so far. I thought I had a cream color first, but on Brian's computer it looked yellow. I switched it to another color, but decided when I looked at work that I don't like that either. I'm back to white.

As for the blues - it's not intentional, but I couldn't help it. Blogger has different color choices for the text box vs. template colors. I changed both of those repeatedly, and never could get them to match exactly. So I decided that was close enough and gave up. Maybe I should switch to Wordpress.

Lacy H. said...

ack...I can't figure out how to change and rid of that border...I did it before! I'll have to look it up on google.