Friday, June 1, 2007

Young Wisdom

J's always good for a few laughs. Maybe it's just me, but I find that lots of the things he says make me chuckle. Here are few recent examples:

Loud thud heard from the next room. . .
"I'm ok! I'm not bleeding!"

J: "I don't want any bug spray."
Me: "But there are lots of mosquitoes out there. They'll bite you and make you itch."
J: "That's ok. I can just scratch later."

Last night as I was singing him a song (apparently a long one) before bed:
J: "Excuse me, Mommy."
Me: "Yes?"
J: "Uhm, where's the end of this song?"

During our recent trip to Chicago:
"Mommy! I saw the Serious Tower!"

During a visit to the park he noticed some port-a-johns.
J: "I want to go in there!"
Daddy: "No, those are dirty."
J: "But how will I ever learn to use the potty if I don't get to practice!?"

After something poked him in the groin:
"Ooh! I hurt my leg pit!"
(If you have an arm pit, why not a leg pit?)


Jenny said...

Those are HILARIOUS!! A good, much-needed laugh in the midst of extreme stress at the end of the school year. :)

Anita said...

Take heart - it's not just you as a mom thinking those things are funny. They really are! :) I laughed outloud! It's good to write them down, though. You think you will remember later...but you don't. Trust me! One of my favorites from Tyler when he was young..."Mom!!! I was playing tic tac toe against myself...and I WON!!!"

Suzanne said...

You're right about needing to write things down, Anita. I did pretty well when I was filling out their "first year" calendars. But since then, I've gotten out of the habit. That's part of the reason I took up blogging.

I got a kick out of Tyler's quote. I can just hear a little guy saying that and really being proud of it!

Scooter Finazzio said...

Leg pit...never thought of that one but man ya gotta admit it is logical. You may have another surgeon in the family :)

Lacy said...

Uhm....I am laughing out loud. Seriously, keep track of these! SO funny....*still laughing.

geekbert said...

ROFL (I've always wanted to write that)! Your boy is too funny!