Thursday, February 15, 2007

Just a tip

A little free advice to the married ladies out there:

If it happened to be Valentine's day, and you happened to be feeling romantic and decided to call your husband on his cell phone and proposition him. . . dial carefully.

'Cause if you happened to be off by one number, and happened to say what you had to say to some strange man before you realized it, it could be quite embarassing.

Theoretically, of course.


Scooter Finazzio said...

I have been there and done this. There is also the chance that your husband, being funny, hands the phone to someone else when you are calling. This would happen to be the time you decide to say something for his ears only.....oh my....that is horrible. Worse when it is someone you have to see on a very regular basis.

I hope you eventually got the right number..... :)
Theoretically of course.

Suzanne said...

Fortunately, it was a complete stranger so I don't have to face him. He did use his caller id to call back, however.

Theoretically :)

Anita (Brumfield) Clark said...
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Suzanne said...
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julie said...

Please tell me you didn't ask him if he wanted to "play doctor" :)

Suzanne said...

I think we'll just leave the details of that conversation a mystery :)

Cheryl said...

It's also a good idea to make sure if you DO dial correctly that he doesn't have you on speakerphone with a room full of people. LOL

Suzanne said...

Oh, my! That would be very bad!

Scooter Finazzio said...

Ok people....I am not going to fess up to the details on the web but let me just say that my husband doesn't do that to me any more...lesson learned for him and for me. haha least it was intended for my husband and I have a license to talk that way to him :) are sooo bad! (and I love it)

Anita....shhhh :)