Sunday, February 25, 2007

Happy Birthday, B

It's my husband's birthday today. Here's a little tribute to the man I love.

A few of the things I love about my husband:
1. He always fills my car with gas for me
2. He can make H laugh better than anyone else can
3. He's the best preacher I know. (If you're going to marry a preacher, marry a good one. That's a lot of bad sermons to have to listen to otherwise!)
4. He brings the kids over to visit me at work
5. He's very patient with me - far more than I deserve
6. He's handsome
7. He's very tidy.
8. He's really good at building with Mega Blocks. He makes a mean house and garage for Barney.
9. He likes my family
10. He's great with computers - it's like having live-in tech support.
11. He reads prolifically.
12. He likes to teach our children things.
13. He sees when I'm feeling overwhelmed and helps out without being asked.
14. He's a safe driver
15. He's very smart
16. He's faithful
17. He humored me at let me keep the stray cat I found
18. He brought home another stray cat to keep her company
19. He hasn't thrown them out of the house yet, even though he'd really like to
20. He even cleans their litter box regularly
21. He's a super Dad to our children
22. He rarely complains
23. He likes my cooking
24. He has a good sense of humor
25. He's very hard working
26. He gets up early to shovel the driveway when it snows
27. He's very self-disciplined
28. He occasionally recommends girly movies he thinks I'll like
29. He's usually right
30. He let me pick both our children's first names
31. He's supportive of me
32. He picked up and moved us so we could be closer to our families
33. He tells me I'm beautiful
34. I think he really believes it.
35. He tells our children he loves them every day
36. He'll drive 25 miles to get my favorite icecream
37. He has beautiful blue eyes
38. He passed them on to both our children
39. He gets up with the kids at night
40. Without being asked
41. And never complains about it
42. He hates golf
43. He keeps our finances in order - never a late payment!
44. We like playing the same board games
45. He loves God
46. He's extremely organized
47. He empties the dishwasher every morning
48. He tells me he loves me regularly
49. He lives like he means it
50. He's everything I ever wanted in a husband, and a lot of things I didn't know enough to want, but am really glad I got!

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Lacy said...

Let me just say that whilst I read that, I was "awwww-ing" out loud every fourth reason or so! Man, whatta man you got there, Suze! ;)